Friday, September 20, 2019

Nature & Experience Promotion Campaign

   The Nature & Experience Promotion Campaign, held by Kochi Prefecture from February 1st, 2019 to December 31st, 2020, promotes tourism to all regions of Kochi. Building on the previous campaigns that focused on Kochi’s history and food, the current campaign focuses on Kochi’s nature and experiential activities.
Lush forests and Niyodo River

Kochi’s Nature through Data
   The unique characteristics of Kochi’s nature are apparent even in the data. 84% of Kochi’s land is covered in forest, the highest percentage of all prefectures in Japan. The Niyodo River, flowing through the center of the prefecture, has been ranked as having the best water quality of all the class A rivers in Japan (rivers important to the national economy), multiple times. Kochi also produces the largest amount of precious coral, commonly used in jewelry and ornaments, in the world. With all these, it is clear that Kochi’s mountains, rivers, and ocean are all world-class.
Sea-kayaking at Kashiwajima in the western part of the prefecture
Wide Variety of Activities
   We are only able to introduce a few of the many activities found around Kochi, due to TosaWave’s limited space, but Kochi boasts a wealth of activities such as hiking, fishing, and swimming, that get you outside and enjoying the mountains, rivers, and the ocean. There are also activities such as paper making, where you can learn how the traditional industries are tied to the natural resources and environment in Kochi. We hope that the information found here will provide you with the resources to select your own activities as you experience Kochi!

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