Friday, September 20, 2019

Nature & Experience Promotion Campaign “Grape-picking”

This banner greets everyone
   The theme this time is “Nature and Experience Promotion Campaign”, so after examining several activities which fit the theme, we decided to go to Kyohoen, where you can experience grape-picking with minimal materials close to Kochi City.

Grapes covered by a bag
   Since we were visiting on a weekday morning in late August, and possibly because there weren’t that many customers, we were taken to a field right next to the building where we checked in. According to their website, it seems like there are other fields as well.
It is packed with large grapes once the bag is removed

   We grabbed some scissors and a can to collect trash like grape skins, before walking along the road behind the building. The vineyard soon came into view. As we went in further, we could see numerous white bags covering the grape clusters.
   As a grape-picking novice, I was finding clusters where I could see the grapes from the gap in the bag and picking those and eating them. I think the correct way may have been to cut off the entire cluster, put it on a board, take off the bag and eat it. I think this way there’s more excitement as you proceed to open the bag.
Grapes separated by type after harvest
   There were two families with small children when we were there. The grapes were large, tender, juicy, and very sweet, so I think it is enjoyable for families with small children, and even for adults as well. Their website states that grape picking goes on until mid-September, however, according to the manager, grape picking can be enjoyed until December.
They are sold at the location
〇Kyoho-en Details
   Address: 1185-1 Hataeda, Nankoku City
   Entry fee: Middle school and older ¥1000, elementary school ¥800, toddlers older than three years old ¥400
   Business hours: 9:00~17:00 (reception open until 16:00)
   Access: (by car) 30 minutes from Prefectural Office
                (train and bus) take the train to Toden Gomen Station, transfer to bus and get off at Kyoho-enmae stop
   Website : (Japanese only)

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