Thursday, May 1, 2014

Second Annual “Shout Gomennasai in the Heart of Nankoku city”

   We say ‘gomennasai’ every day, right?
   The word ‘gomennasai’ is a magic word.
   When you say this word with courage, the person who says it, and also the person it is said to, get the feeling of being saved.  A heartfelt ‘gomennasai’ is not just a simple apology to another.  In it there surely exists a feeling of compassion for the other person.
   In saying the one word, ‘gomennasai’ you can forgive each other.  In this word there lies the power to make everyone happy.
   Here in Nankoku City there is a town called ‘Gomen.’  In “Nankoku City, The Sacred Land of Apologies,”  won’t you throw aside your vanity, pride, and prestige and try shouting ‘gomennasai’ with honesty from the bottom of your heart?
   Surely you will discover a self that is different from yesterday.

1. Time: 
May 11th, 2014 (Sun)
Reception 9:30~
Start 10:00~
2. Location: 
Nankoku City, Gookayama, Bunka no Mori, Special Event Space (Sacred Land of Apology)
3. Participation Qualifications: 
Anyone who wants to apologize
4. How to Apply: 
Contact the staff office by fax, email, or telephone with your address, name (in kana), age, gender, telephone number, and email address
5. Number of Participants: 
50(In the event that there are a lot of people, it will be first-come, first-serve)
6. Inquiry: 
Gomennasai Project Executive Committee Staff Office
Kochi Prefecture, Nankoku City, Osone 1300-2
FAX:  088-864-2518
Contact: Yamanaka(Mobile:  090-7145-6962)

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