Friday, May 2, 2014

Experience Kyōgen!

Watch live kyōgen and learn about traditional Japanese entertainment with foreigners!

Akaoka Bentenza
   June 22nd (Sun) 1:30~3:30pm
   Busu, Kakiyamabushi
Entrance Fee:
   Free (NIA members have priority. In the event that there are too many people, non-members may be denied entry) Interested parties should contact NIA at one of the following email addresses by June 9th:
Registration Contact:
☆Before the performance there will be an explanation by the actors.
Hosted by
   NIA (Nankoku City International Association)
Presented by
   The Society for the Preservation of the Yamaguchi Sagi School of Kyōgen
Publicly funded by
   The Kochi Newspaper’s Agency for Public Welfare and Culture

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