Thursday, March 6, 2014

GENKI Seinenkai Tosaben Musical 2014 - Hogwarts Tosa Style School of Witchcraft and Wizardry -

A dance scene

  The year 2014 marks the 20th year of the annual Tosaben Musical. This year’s production is called “ Hogwarts Tosa Style School of Witchcraft and Wizardry”. Mixing the stories of Harry Potter and John Manjiro, the show hopes to celebrate the appeal of Kochi and the charm of Tosa dialect (Tosaben). Boasting dance numbers, a cast full of foreigners, and a script in Tosaben, the musical will help deepen grass roots international exchange. As a vehicle for culture and art, the musical provides an opportunity to deepen international exchange with local residents and promote mutual understanding. This year many beautiful women and handsome men will take to the stage, so don’t miss out!
   There is no admission fee, but there will be fundraising after each performance. All donations go toward a scholarship to send a middle school, high school, or college student from Kochi Prefecture to study abroad. Your support is appreciated.
Han Solo (Ryoma) challenges Darth Vader to a henpai match!
Which one will get drunk first?!

The Volunteers
Performance Dates & Locations
   Mar 29 (Sat)
      Motoyama Town Platina Center 14:00~
   Mar 30 (Sun)
      Muroto City Hoken Fukushi Center Yasuragi 13:00~
      Aki City Aki Shimin Kaikan 18:00~
   Apr 5 (Sat)
      Konan City Bentenza 13:00~
      Shimanto City Shimanto City Bunka Center 18:30~
   Apr 6 (Sun)
      Tosa City Tosa City USA Kuroshio Center 12:00~
      Kochi City Kenmin Bunka Hall (Green Hall) 18:30~
   ※Show times are subject to change.

Contact Info: GENKI Seinenkai Tosaben Musical Executive Committee
   Rep: Max (International Exchange Division, Kochi Prefecture)
   TEL: 088-823-9605 Email:

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