Friday, March 8, 2013

Here’s the real Hospitality Division

   Since the novel “Kencho Omotenashi-ka” is being made into a movie, we have decided to interview the deputy director of the Hospitality Division, Machi Yukimune.

What kind of work do you do here?
Ms. Yukimune says that she is very happy
to be able to show Kochi’s charm to the
whole country through the movie “Kencho
   Right now the Hospitality Division is made up of 6 people, and we are working to create a fulfilling environment for tourists that expect hospitality by doing such things as conducting thorough surveys, training tourist guides, and making informative tourism boards.
   According to some surveys, there was some dissatisfaction with our restroom facilities and taxi services, so currently we are particularly working to make “Hospitality Restrooms,” and to train taxi drivers to provide an extra level of hospitality to customers with our “Hospitality Taxis” (not only towards tourists, but also for Kochi residents who use the taxis).
   We believe that by doing this the tourists who come visit Kochi will be able to have a great time during their visit. We also ask enthusiastic people from Kochi to help share Kochi’s charm by working as tourism ambassadors.

“Communicating Hospitality through Pointing” cover.
What special efforts are you making in terms of International Tourism?
   With subsidies provided for the development of tourism information,we are working to make more of the information boards written in various languages, as well as making tourism pamphlets for internat ional visitors. We’ve also made a brochure in 4 languages called “Communicating Hospitality through Pointing” so that even if one does not speak the language, they can communicate with international tourists.
Please tell us a bit about the movie.
   Quite a few very popular actors and actresses are starring in the movie, such as Ryo Nishikido, Maki Horikita, and Eiichiro Funakoshi, so we think that many people will be interested in seeing it. Mr. Funakoshi came to the Hospitality Division, and he was extremely kind, generously allowing us to take a commemorative picture of his visit.
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   With the release of this film, there are high expectations for Kochi Prefecture’s hospitality. We are hoping that many people who have felt Kochi’s charm through this movie will visit, and the Hospitality Division is going to try its hardest to meet everyone’s expectations.
   We also hope that everyone who is living in Kochi will also greet our visitors with a warm and welcoming heart!

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