Monday, December 17, 2012

Winter Recipe in Tosa

   Kochi Prefecture is known as a production area of yuzu (a kind of citrus) and has a 40 percent share across the country. Yuzu are grown in mountain areas that have a difference in temperature during day and night, and are said to be good for cold prevention. There are probably many people who take a yuzu bath on a cold day. In addition, it is said that they contain more than three times as much Vitamin C as lemons and an ingredient to make the skin beautiful.

   Here is a simple recipe of yuzu tea below. Please drink yuzu tea and warm up!
Yuzu Tea

   Equal amounts of yuzu (with removal of seeds) and crystal sugar (or caster sugar)
1. Cut off the tip of the yuzu and wash.
2. Cut them in half crosswise and remove seeds.
3. Cut as thinly as possible, including the pith.
4. Put some cut yuzu and crystal sugar (or caster sugar) alternately in a bottle.
5. It will be ready to drink after the crystal sugar melts. Put as much as you like into a cup, pour hot water on it and stir.

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