Thursday, December 6, 2012

The season for Yuzu baths

   Winter is the best season for taking baths. When I come in from the cold outside and climb into a warm bath, I feel especially glad to be in Japan.

   It is traditional in Japan to take a yuzu bath on the winter solstice, as this is supposed to bring good health. Yuzu is rich in vitamin C and other chemicals that are good for your body circulation, and can help prevent you from catching colds. Adding some yuzu to the water in your bath tub also has a relaxing therapeutic effect.

   Kochi is one of the most famous yuzu-producing areas in Japan. Umaji village and Kitagawa village are both famous for growing yuzu, and the local hot springs provide the service of a yuzu bath. Several other hot springs also offer this service, and in the winter season you will be welcomed by the refreshing fragrance of yuzu.
Taken from vol.39 PDF

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