Monday, December 17, 2012

Let’s get a Ryoma Passport!

   Do you know about the Ryoma Passport, which gives you special discounts and privileges at almost 360 different places in Kochi Prefecture? The passport started in April 2012 and is valid for two years, with 3 different types: a blue, red, and black passport. There have been over 20,000 blue passports issued already!

   If you receive 3 stamps from any of the tourist spots, experience workshops, roadside stations, or lodging facilities participating in this program, you can hand in your application form or mail it to the tourist information center in front of Kochi Station called “Tosa Terrace” and receive the blue passport.
   You can also exchange the application form for the blue passport at the Aki Tourist Information Center in Aki City and the Hata Tourist Visitor Center in Shimanto City. After 6 more stamps you can receive a red passport, and after 8 more (including at least a single night stay at a lodging facility) you can get the black passport, which is the highest rank of the passport. The black passport itself has 5 ranks, which can be upgraded every 12 stamps (including at least two nights stay at a lodging facility) you gather. After every new passport you receive or rank you move up, you have a chance to win a ticket for Kochi regional goods or free hotel stays. Some facilities will even give you more special privileges.
Ryoma Passport banner

   Why don’t you try using the Ryoma Passport to enjoy these many places in Kochi? This is a great chance to rediscover Kochi’s charm! Places participating in the Ryoma Passport program will have a banner hanging at the entrance, so please check it out.

   For more detailed information, Please visit the Ryoma Passport Homepage (
*The above information is accurate as of late November.

Kochi Tourist Information Center “Tosa Terrace”
Location: Kochi Travel Plaza 2-10-17 Kita-honmachi, Kochi City 780-0056
Tel: 088-879-6400 Fax: 088-879-0187
Hours: 8:30~18:00 (Open year-round)
Model course for upgrading from the blue passport to the red passport in one day
Go to the Tosa Yamauchi Family Treasury and Archives → Enter Kochi Castle Kaitokukan → Go to the Kochi Literary Museum → Spend 500 yen or more on food, drinks, or souvenirs at Hirome Marketplace → Enter the “Ryomaden” Bakumatsu Shishishachu Pavilion → Spend 500 yen or more on souvenirs at Tosa Terrace ⇒ Now you have 6 stamps, and can upgrade to the red passport!

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