Monday, June 24, 2019

Tasty / Happy / Fun Susaki ~Morning” at a Café~

Me and Shinjo-kun
Kochi City Hall CIR Marisa
   Susaki is famous for Shinjo-kun, but I heard that this city has an interesting tradition, so I went to Susaki City with staff members from KIA to learn more about it!
Getting to know “Morning” culture
   It is said that on the ocean side of Susaki, after fishermen came back from sea, “eating breakfast at a café” later became known as “Morning” and spread from there. We immediately picked up a “Morning”/lunch guide map at JR Susaki Station. There were many cafes offering “Morning” all day, and it was very hard to decide on one as they all looked delicious.
Susaki seaside, baby sardines on drying racks

Café “Morinoki”
Guided by Okushimanto Tourism council’s Ms. Sasaoka
   This time, we headed to “Morinoki” by JR Oonogou station. Looking at it from the outside, it looked like there was nobody inside, but it was crowded with people and the retro-feel of the interior made a visual impact. According to Ms. Sasaoka, “Cafes in Susaki are all like this around 9am, and depending on the place, there are many customers who come with their handcarts.”
Ordering the daily “Morning”
   What I ordered that day was a “Morning” set with hot cocoa. Included in the set was homemade bread (Anpanman and bread filled with bitter orange jam), salad, tangerine, yogurt, and miso soup. The homemade bread was exquisite! The bread and miso soup paired surprisingly well. After enjoying the sweetness of the bread, the saltiness of the miso soup was irresistible. It can be said that this is what makes Kochi’s “Morning” unique.
Daily “Morning” special at “Morinoki”
After the “Morning” journey
   It is common for Susaki residents to have a favorite café near their home, and many people enjoy “Morning”. Additionally, each café offers items such as homemade bread or coffee on their characteristic menus, so there are people who try out “Morning” at different places. “Morning” culture is not only about eating, but it also provides a space for people to make connections and have exchanges. Don’t you think it’s great that you can maintain connections to the local community while eating a delicious “Morning”? Everybody please make the trip out to Susaki.
With Ms. Sasaoka of the Okushimanto Tourism Council

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