Friday, June 23, 2017

Kochi Castle Museum of History

You can see a sweeping view of Kochi Castle from the 3rd floor lobby
   This museum opened this March, coinciding with the start of the Shikoku Kochi, Bakumatsu Restoration Exhibition. Surely many people have noticed the uniquely designed building located at the foot of Kochi Castle. There are many set ups that will let children and adults learn about Kochi’s history and culture through the exhibit items! Special exhibit items of the Bakumatsu Restoration Exhibition and planned exhibitions are also on display.

   In addition to this, we would also like to recommend classes such as “Japanese Culture Class for Foreign People” or “Sunday Market Cooking Class”. These are cultural exchange events held at this facility, and it is a good chance to learn about the history and culture of Tosa and Japan through kimono fitting experiences, tea ceremonies, and cultural experiences. Please refer to the webpage for details.
3rd floor exhibition room – beginning with precious materials
handed down by the Yamauchi family※ and Sakamoto Ryoma, items
displayed here are related to Kochi heroes that played pivotal roles
at the end of the Edo Era. Exhibit items are periodically renewed, so
there should be new findings no matter how many times you visit!
※ Tosa Domain Yamauchi Household: The domain lords who had control of the Tosa domain over successive generations, from the Edo Era to the start of the Meiji Era. The first domain lord was Yamauchi Kazutoyo.
~Comment from Kochi City CIR TJ Yanagitsuru~
Posing while wearing a “jinbaori”
that was owned by 15th head of the
Tosa Domain, Yamauchi Yodo.
“Jinbaori” is a jacket that samurai
wore over their armor during wartime.
   I think the Kochi Castle Museum of History is a great place to get familiar with the history of Kochi! The museum focuses on accessibility for foreigners, and they have free audio guides available in English, Chinese, Korean, and Thai. Even if you’re not interested in history, you can enjoy the brand new facility with a magnificent view of Kochi Castle. There are videos full of information about Kochi in general on the first floor, and you can enjoy a drink on the terrace on the second floor with the great view of the castle; and the best part is, the first and second floors are free to enter! For those living in Kochi or just visiting, the Kochi Castle Museum of History is a must-see!

〇Kochi Castle History of Museum
   Location: Otesuji 2-7-5, Kochi City

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