Tuesday, June 27, 2017

English Rakugo recital in Kochi by Kimochi

   Do you know Rakugo? It is a traditional Japanese entertainment. It is a combination of storytelling and seated comedy.Kimochi Honno, an English Rakugo Performer, will have a Rakugo Performance in English in Kochi! Soon, you can fully understand the experience of Rakugo.
   Saturday 22nd Jul.2017
   Open 9:30 Start 10:00 am (~11:30)
Ticket fee:
   Kochi-shi Obiyamachi 2-2-14 OKAMURA Obiyamachi BLDG. 5F
   ※Upstairs of the Starbucks Coffee
   ※50meters from the Hirome Market
   Additionally, we are going to have a lunch session with him at a restaurant after the recital. Why don't you come and meet him? If you come, please let me know in advance. Lunch will cost around 1,000 yen.
   Please call me or send me a short message, how many tickets you need, are you coming to the lunch, in advance to reserve your seats.
   And also keep this leaflet by your camera. Please get in touch with me again if you need to cancel your tickets.
   090-7783-3911 Hashimoto

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