Thursday, December 22, 2016

Katsuo Guesthouse

The exterior resembles the sea

This guesthouse serves as an embassy for Kochi!
The owner, Maki Maeda. Discuss your travel
plans and any other questions with her.
   Maki Maeda is the owner of Katsuo Guesthouse. After working for 9 years in editing for a local information magazine, her dream was to start her own business, and so she refurbished her grandfather’s house, and opened the guesthouse in 2012. Maeda thought up the concept for the design of the whole house, down to the minute detail in each bedroom, bathroom and toilet room. For example, if you look carefully at the interior of the toilet room door which depicts the Shimanto River, you can see “Chinkabashi” (low water crossings with no rails or parapets so they are not washed away by floods) hidden in the design. In fact, people have been inspired to move to the prefecture as a result of staying at this guesthouse, which encapsulates “Kochi”.
Lots of information about Kochi is available
when you arrive at the guesthouse.

The Yuzu Room includes a balcony and
dressing table.
Guests are given free advice for their trip
   This guesthouse’s biggest appeal is that you can receive advice about your trip for free. As a result of her previous work, Maeda already has lots of knowledge about the local area, and is able to offer advice on any queries that visitors have, such as “where in Kochi can you get good bread?” or “do you know any good vegan restaurants?” Maeda says “I hope that by providing information I can create opportunities for many tourists to stop by in places all across the prefecture”.
   Free Wi-Fi is available, and there are plenty of pamphlets about tourism in Kochi. Maeda is able to speak English so you can contact her in either English or Japanese.
The Katsuo Room is furnished with
a hammock for relaxing in!
Katsuo Guesthouse
   Address: 4-7-28 Hijima-Cho, Kochi City
   Price: Dormitory beds start at ¥2,800 per night
   Car park included
   Reservations available online

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