Thursday, December 22, 2016

Harimayabashi Guesthouse

Uonotana shopping arcade
A historical arcade from the Edo period
2 minutes walking from popular tourist destination “Harimayabashi”! A guesthouse in a great location
Socializing area
There were travelers from Indonesia,
Japan, and France when we visited
   Located adjacent to Harimayabashi shopping arcade is Uonotana shopping arcade, where Harimayabashi Guesthouse stands. People from Japan and all around the world have gathered here ever since it opened in August 2015. The building is a renovated kamaboko shop, and has a Japanese modern design which creates a comfortable atmosphere. Meeting fellow lodgers by chance and having a great conversation with them could become a memorable part of your travels.

Shopkeeper Hashizume
A very cheerful and friendly brother-
like figure
Starting up a guesthouse based on a chance meeting during a trip
   Manager Daisuke Hashizume met current owner Seishiro Nishimura (from Haruno in Kochi City) during a trip to Cambodia. There they talked about building a guesthouse in Kochi, and because Hashizume knew about a good property, he started up the guesthouse once returning to Japan. After experiencing hardships renovating the building and acquiring licenses, the guesthouse exists in its current shape. “The beauty of a guesthouse is the fact that people meet randomly and interact. The distance between the guests becomes much smaller. I’d like more people to experience this rare space where people of all nationalities come together and share meals and lodging,” says Hashizume. There is a collection of Kochi-related manga and books, as well as free Wi-Fi. Staff speak both Japanese and English. It is a place you would want to casually stop by during your travels.
Capsule style bunk beds
Harimayabashi Guesthouse
   Address: 2F, 1-6-11 Harimaya-Cho, Kochi City
   Price: Starting at ¥2,600 per night
   Reservations available online

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