Thursday, March 24, 2016

Kuroshio-kun, Poster Child for Kochi Prefecture

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Bringing Kochi’s Appeal Nationwide!
   Kuroshio-kun, Kochi’s “poster child,” was born in 1997 out of efforts to improve Kochi’s image and increase its appeal.
   Using the motif of the Kuroshio Current which flows through Tosa Bay, Kuroshio-kun expresses the silhouette of Kochi Prefecture boldly advancing into the 21st century. He’s frequently mistaken for a whale or a tadpole, but make no mistake, he is the Kuroshio Current!!
Kuroshio-kun Makes Waves at the National Sports Festival in Kochi
   At the 2002 National Sports Festival in Kochi, Kuroshio-kun contributed greatly as the mascot of the competition. Thanks to his cute shape, his stuffed toys sold out on the first morning of the competition, and his popularity was so extraordinary that the regional media named him “The most successful mascot in competition history.” Kuroshio-kun goods are only sold at competition-related events, so if you happen to own something featuring Kuroshio-kun, you actually own a very rare object!
   Also, in the Nenrinpics in Kochi 2013 (national sports festival for the aged), Kuroshio-kun debuted a new red vest and white hat outfit, and enlivened the competition as “the face of Kochi.”

Kuroshio-kun waves
in front of Kochi Castle
In Demand for Events
   At events hosted by the prefecture, regional festivals, trade fairs held outside the prefecture and more, Kuroshio-kun makes appearances, does PR for Kochi, and makes friends with all kinds of people. The Kochi Prefecture Public Relations Division receives requests for use of the Kuroshio-kun outfit and illustrations daily.
   At last year’s Yosakoi Festival, Kuroshio-kun participated as a member of the Citizen’s Charter Yosakoi Dance Troupe and performed an energetic dance with people from within and outside Kochi Prefecture.
Spokesman for Kochi Prefecture
   If you open the Kochi Prefecture homepage, you will see Kuroshio-kun smiling happily beside the prefectural symbol. Kuroshio-kun sends out important information about Kochi life and events, via the Kochi Prefecture PR Division’s Facebook and Twitter pages, so you should definitely follow him! The most-retweeted tweets so far have been about Niyodo Blue (the unusual blueness of the Niyodo River), Yosakoi Festival, and chives. The tweet about Niyodo Blue even got a reply in English. It seems that Kochi’s beautiful nature has made an impression on international followers!
There’s also a statue
of Kuroshio-kun in this pose
 at the Kochi Prefectural
Government building!
A Message from Kuroshio-kun
   “I’m going to keep on working hard for Kochi both at home and abroad, so please keep rooting for me!”
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