Thursday, March 24, 2016

GENKI Seinenkai Tosaben Musical 2016 - O-Henro ALL STARS -

A photo taken onstage with a selfie stick
at the 2015 Tosaben Musical
   Won’t you add a bit of “GENKI” to your life? Each year, GENKI Seinenkai presents the Tosaben Musical!
   This year’s title is O-Henro ALL STARS. One night in Tosa, known as the “austerity and discipline” section of the Shikoku Henro Pilgrimage, many pilgrims gather at an inn, about to give up on their journeys. But why do they want to give up…?
   In an adventure of tanuki, shibaten, magicians, nosy-parkers, and other “only in Tosa” protagonists and antagonists, the characters will learn about friendship and forgiveness all over again. We hope all of you will join the adventure too!
   Admission is free, but donations are requested. Proceeds from donations will provide financial support for a high school or university student planning a study abroad, so please give generously!

Dates/Locations of Performances (Planned)
   4/9 (Sat) Shimanto Shiritsu Bunka Center, Shimanto-shi 18:00
   4/10 (Sun) Kubokawa Shimanto Kaikan, Shimanto-cho 13:00
                     Sakuraza, Sakawa-cho 18:30
   4/16 (Sat) Muroto Elementary School Gym, Muroto-shi 13:00
                    Aki Shimin Kaikan, Aki-shi 18:00
   4/17 (Sun) Motoyama Platina Center, Motoyama-cho 13:00
                     Kenmin Bunka Hall (Green), Kochi-shi 18:30
   **Performance times may be subject to change. Contact GENKI Seinenkai to confirm.
   GENKI Seinenkai Representative Clare Marks
   Phone: 088-823-9605 (Kochi Pref. International Affairs Division)

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