Thursday, May 26, 2011

TV Renewal – Digitalising the airwaves

Transition from analogue TV to digital has been coming for some time now, and on July 24, all analogue transmissions will be terminated, which means you’ll be left with static if you don’t take the following steps and go digital!

The reason for the switch is apparently to spare up radio waves (up to 33%) for better communications and allow new technologies to be utilised. New cars could be equipped with frequency emitters to warn of potential accidents, and larger bandwidth means that telecommunications can exchange larger amounts of data for videos etc.

To go about getting digital transmission, there are two main methods.
1 – buy a digital compatible TV
2 – install a digital tuner to your analogue TV.

Buying a new digital compatible TV may set you back around 40,000 to 600,000 yen, and a tuner can be bought from about 10,000 yen. Also you may want to make sure your building has had a UHF antenna installed. On either machine, a “B-CAS Card” will need to be inserted in order for digital data to be decrypted and viewed. These will come with a new TV or tuner.

Whether this would be a good excuse to get yourself a new TV, or rid yourself of Japanese television forever, times are catching up with the old cathode tube.

An English guide to the procedures can be found here:

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