Thursday, May 26, 2011

Regulation on smoking while walking in Kochi City

Smoking whilst walking is an annoyance to some and potentially dangerous because it can risk injuring passers-by. To prevent such injuries and to protect health of its residents, Kochi City enacted the “Prohibition of Smoking While Walking Act” on February 1, 2011.

Acts considered “smoking while walking” include smoking and holding a lit cigarette in public outdoor places such as roads, parks and squares. Smoking while riding a bike and motorbike is also subject to regulation.

Furthermore, areas and roads that are crowded with shoppers and tourists will become smoke-free zones from April 1st this year. The zones are: around Kochi Sta., Otesuji (Sunday market street), around the central shopping arcade and around the City Hall (refer to dark zones on the map to the right). People are prohibited to smoke while walking in the zones, and if they do, city regulators can direct violators to stop. However, no fines are imposed on violators.

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