Friday, September 29, 2017

A product that people all around the world can eat with peace of mind : Kochi Ice (Halal Certification received in 2013)

   Kochi Ice is an ice cream maker which manufactures products that showcase the ingredients’ quality and the fact that it is made in  Kochi. President Hamamachi has made it his mission to make both the customers and supplying farmers happy, as well as bringing out the best of ice cream along with the Kochi ingredients.

   This time, KIA staff and Kochi City CIR Marisa visited and interviewed Kochi Ice Headquarters, which is surrounded in nature and located next to the pristine Niyodo River in Ino Town.
What made you decide to get Halal certification?
   We got it in order to have more people all around the world enjoy our Kochi-born products with peace of mind. In 2013, we were the first in Shikoku to receive certification from the Nippon Asia Halal Association. Our chance came in Malaysia, when we went to a business expo and we began to study Halal. Currently we export to Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Dubai, and we exhibit at food fairs held in Islamic regions. Lately, we have begun to wholesale to stores within Japan which use Halal items for business purposes.

Ingredients and facilities are customized for production
Halal and regular products are produced separately. When making Halal products, we use sugar beets from Hokkaido instead of sugar. Pork and beef bone are actually often used in the purification process of caster sugar. It was CIR Marisa’s first time hearing this and she was surprised! Also, Halal products do not contain any stabilizers originating from pork. Ingredients such as fruit juice are the same ones used in the safe and worry-free regular products. When making Halal products, the factory uses different facilities and equipment.
Yuzu, Salt Vanilla, and Green
Tea flavors are available.
You can order Halal ice cream in Kochi as well

saltiness. Yuzu was refreshingly bitter and sweet, with a distinct yuzu flavor. Compared to regular (non-Halal) products, this ice cream was no different or less delicious. The package is an original design by an employee. Please give it a try.
Halal Certification mark is on
the side.
  If you order by phone, it is possible to have your order shipped to you. Selling Halal items at Kochi Ice Machi Café (Eikokuji-cho 6-40, Kochi City) is being looked into as well, to target the increasing number of foreigners in the city. We had a taste, and the salt vanilla flavor was delicious with a subtle
Kochi Ice Co., Ltd.
   Location: 683 Shimoyakawa otsu, Ino, Agawa District, Kochi

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