Tuesday, March 24, 2015

How to Get Involved with Eat Local

   We introduced a restaurant from Yasai de Genki-ten PLUS in the article above, but here are four more ways to get involved with Eat Local!
● Locally Grown Sections—check out the locally grown section of your supermarket, and read food labels.
   There is a section at most supermarkets called the “直販コーナー”(chokuhan kōnā) where locally grown produce is sold. You can read the where the produce was grown and the farmer’s name by looking at the sticker on the bag.
Outdoor Markets—Did you know that there is an outdoor market like Sunday Market every day?
   There are outdoor markets in Kochi City every day of the week except for Monday. The details for the markets other than the famous Sunday Market (loc. Otesuji) are written below.
   Tuesday Market (Kamimachi 4 cho-me & 5 cho-me), Wednesday Market (Hyakkokucho 3 cho-me), Thursday Market (Honmachi 5 cho-me), Friday Market (Atagomachi 1 cho-me), Saturday Market (Ike Park)
● Local Marketplaces—find and use local markets at “Road Stations
   There are “Road Stations” (michi no eki) along highways with large parking lots, restrooms, restaurants, and local goods shops. They also sell local produce, so visit them when out on a drive!
● Creating Culture—speak face to face with farmers and spread the word!
   When you talk face to face with the people who grow your food, you learn new things and gain a deeper understanding of food and your region. And by talking to your friends about your experiences,
you can contribute to the spread of Eat Local culture!


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