Monday, July 22, 2013

Employment Advertisement for Foreign Lecturer

(Ehime-ken) Ehime University in Matsuyama city is seeking four contract English instructors for the English Education Center beginning in April, 2014. Each contract is for one year and three contract periods may be allowed based on program needs and evaluation of work performance.

Qualifications: Bachelor's degree or above, native English proficiency, teaching experience (preferably in Japan) are required; TEFL/TESOL certification and basic Japanese language ability are preferred.

Duties: Teaching eleven 90-minute, 25 and 50 student, communicative English classes, including evening classes. One or two classes per semester may be one-week intensive courses during summer and/or spring vacations. Attendance at occasional meetings for instructors is also required.

Payment: Approximate yearly income amounts to 3.6 million yen (less tax), based on the university's part-time hourly pay scale. Monthly payments vary depending on the number of hours worked each month and are distributed approximately two weeks after the end of each working month. Although payment is based on part-time hourly rates, a minimum amount of yearly work is guaranteed.

Benefits: Extended vacation periods (approximately 7 weeks in each of the summer and spring vacations), support from permanent faculty, a shared office, and use of a university notebook computer. Insurance, bonus, and pension plans are not included in this position.
Application Deadline: September 27, 2013.

Application Materials: Requirements: MAIL the following application materials via the POST OFFICE ONLY: resume (including birth date, educational/work experience), photocopy of most recent degree, photocopy of TEFL/TESOL certificate(s), two letters of recommendation (including phone numbers and e-mail address), a passport-sized photo, and cover letter to: English Education Center, Ehime University, 3 Bunkyo-cho, Matsuyama, Ehime, Japan 790-8577.

Interviews: Shortlisted candidates will be invited to interview for the position in October or November, 2013. Travel expenses will not be paid by Ehime University. It may also be possible to conduct an interview over Skype.

Inquiries: Contact Associate Professor Neil Heffernan via e-mail at heffernan AT ehime-u DOT ac DOT jp (E-mail is for inquiries ONLY).



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