Friday, June 28, 2013

Kinkon Tosanikki ⑩

A series of four-panel comics called Kinkon Tosanikki appears the evening edition of the local Kochi Shimbun newspaper.

Takumi : Dad bought an iPad!
Dad : You know, to keep up with the times.
Grandpa : I what?

Dad : Using this board, you can check the Internet, email, take photos… You can even read books!

Grandpa : How do I get to the next page?
Dad : Try turning the page like you normally would with a book.

Grandpa : *lick* Whoa! It flipped!
Dad : Ack! You don’t have to lick your finger!

● Tosaben Tidbit ~ shitemiiya ~
   When the dad encourages the grandfather to turn the page, he says, “…shitemiiya.” This amounts to “shitemite” in standard Japanese, and is a casual command. In Tosaben, the imperative form becomes an i-ending for standard e-endings (drink: nome>nomi, go: ike>iki) and “-i” for “-ro” endings (look: miro>mii, do: shiro>shii), and verbally often ends with -ya.

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