Friday, April 12, 2013

"Monuments of Life –Earthquake and Tsunami Monuments in Kochi" Exhibition

A monument in Hagidani, Tosa City
   There are monuments of earthquakes and tsunamis erected in Kochi. Exhibiting primarily their rubbed copies, we seek to learn what people in those days wanted to transmit to posterity through these monuments, and think about the actions of people after the earthquakes.

Duration: April 27 (Sat.) to June 30 (Sun.), 2013
Time: 9am ~ 5pm
Location: Kochi Prefectural Museum of History 1F, 1099-1 Yahata Oko-cho, Nankoku City
Entry: 500 yen (400 for groups of 20 or more, free for high school students and under)
More info: 088-862-2211
English Website:

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