Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Notice: Drill for Emergency Information Transmission

Mobile phones within Kochi Prefecture will ring on December 3rd at around 10:20am!

You will receive a test message with emergency evacuation instructions.
Things to be aware of:

• This drill is meant to test that you receive a message. You do not need to take any action.
• Your mobile phone will ring even if it is on silent (“manner”) mode. If you will be in a situation where you do not want your mobile phone to ring, please turn it off before the aforementioned day and time.
• If you receive an “Emergency Information Message” while driving, concentrate on driving and do not handle your mobile phone.
• Mobile phones capable of receiving these emergency information messages make up approximately 40% of all mobile phones in Japan.
   Kochi Prefectural Government
   Nankai Earthquake Policy Division
   TEL: 088-823-9096
   (Translation in Chinese and Korean is available.) 

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