Friday, July 27, 2012

Great Figures in Kochi - Taisuke Itagaki (1837-1919)

   After you enter Ote-mon, the main gate of Kochi Castle, you will find a statue of Itagaki Taisuke. He was an upper class samurai of Tosa domain and contributed to the establishment of the new government after the Meiji Restoration. He resigned from the government and returned to Kochi to found the ‘Liberal Party,’ and later led ‘the Liberty and People’s Rights Movement.’He was a strong advocate for liberty, people’s rights and democracy (these concepts were not common in Japan at that time), and his influence spread across Japan.

Kochi Liberty and People’s Rights Museum
   If you are interested in it, please visit the ‘Kochi Liberty and People’s Rights Museum.’ It is about 3km south of JR Kochi station, close to Sanbashi-Dori-4-Chome tram or bus stop. The exhibition is written in Japanese, but an English leaflet is available.

Taken from vol.26 PDF

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