Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ryoma Sakamoto’s postmark only at Ryoma post office!

Ryoma Sakamoto’s postmark on card.
Very rare!
   Ryoma Sakamoto, born in Kamimachi of Kochi city, is one of the most famous samurai in Japan. Till this day people love and honor him and his merchandise are sold everywhere in Kochi Prefecture. In his honor, there is even a post office dedicated to him called ‘’Ryoma Post Office’’ in Kamimachi! It is believed that this remains the only post office to be named after a person in Japan!

   At this post office, it does one unique thing that is different than others which is in the way they postmark their mails. Usually cards and letters are postmarked with the sent date only, but Ryoma Post Office has their special art that includes the picture of the great Ryoma Sakamoto himself. This emblem adds such a distinctive touch on every piece of mail (Special postmarked stamp is only available at the front desk inside the post office, will not be stamped if you just drop off the mail piece outside)!

Ryoma statue is standing
in front of the post office.
   If you plan to send some cards and letters to friends and family for the holidays (Valentine's Day is just around the corner, what a good timing!), make it more special with the addition of Ryoma’s postmark!

Location: 1-8-18, Kamimachi, Kochi City
Hours: 9:00am-5:00pm (closed weekends and holidays)
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