Thursday, June 28, 2018

Smartphone Applications ②

   The world has become a convenient place. One can get a lot done just by using smartphone applications. Today, I will be introducing three applications that are useful even for people who have just arrived in Japan☆
• Japan Travel - Route, Map, JR (by Navitime Japan)
   This app does more than just telling you where to get on and off public transportation. It is a guide book in itself, with articles on the local region’s food, nature, culture, shopping, and more. You can also search for places using only their phone numbers! The most impressive thing about this app is how you can search for Free Wi-Fi, Information Centers, ATMs and more, even offline!

• Yahoo! Norikae Annai
   This application is simple and easy to use, but it sadly does not have an English version. If you are just unable to read the kanji of station and place names, there is no issue as they have furigana written above them. With this app, many routes are presented to you with a lot of customizability based on whether they have the least transfers or are the fastest or cheapest. You can also scan through your options by pressing the buttons “一本前” and “一本後” to choose the timing and pricing that are best suited for you! Furthermore, it allows you to readjust your schedule by just a bit without having to search from the start again. For example, if you reached your transfer platform a little earlier or a little later than planned, just tap on the timestamp and choose the next available train!
• Offline Dictionaries Aedict and Imiwa
   Aedict is for Android phones and Imiwa is for iPhones. Both dictionaries can be used without internet access or a Japanese keyboard, and kanji can be searched by their readings or radicals. Verbs have handy inflections lists, and in the case of Aedict, a mixed search of hiragana and kanji, auto prolongation of vowels and more are included.


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