Thursday, June 28, 2018

Barbecuing along the Niyodo River

Kochi Prefectural CIR Han Jeonggyu
One way to enjoy summer
   One of the best ways to spend your summer is enjoying a barbecue! There are many popular places to barbecue in Kochi, such as Yasea Park (Yasu, Konan-shi), Yutorisuto Park Otoyo (Otoyo-cho), and the Shimanto River area, but this time we went to the Niyodo River area which is easily accessible from Kochi City. “Hakawa Park” (located on Route 33 near Niyodogawabashi) is one place where you can barbecue along the Niyodo River. It is a convenient location, located 10 minutes walking distance from JR “Hakawa Station” and 20 minutes from “Ino” tram stop, and also has a parking area right in front of the park. Entrance is also free.
Barbecue: The meat shop did everything
for us, including delivering it to us and
picking it up afterwards.

Let the preparations begin!
   For the barbecue preparations, there are companies that can deliver the food and equipment for the barbecue to the park if you look online. There is even a site where you can order Halal meat. And of course it is also possible to prep and bring everything on your own. You can cut costs by preparing anything you can on your own. If you forget to prepare something, there is also a convenience store near the park. Hakawa Park is also popular with Tonbi (black kites) and they seem to fly over out of nowhere once the barbecue starts. Be very careful not to have your food taken away.
Stone art: colorful stones which drifted down from upstream.
Trying out ways to play by the river, introduced by Mr. Yamaoka
   First, racing to see who can stack up the river stones the highest. Harder than it sounds! Everyone competes seriously as they fervently look for flat, easily stackable stones. Next, it was fun to collect stones of various colors and stack them or make stone art like you can see in the picture. There is also “Mizukiri”, which you play by throwing round flat stones and make them skip over the river surface. The Niyodogawa International Mizukiri Championship is held every year on the fourth Sunday of August in Ino-cho, and there are plenty of unique ways to enjoy the Niyodo River.
Skipping stones: players compete by seeing how many times
they can skip the stone of their choice across the water.
After the fun is over…   Once the barbecue is over, make sure to clean up the equipment and area, and take away any trash. There is also an onsen you can take a day trip to and the Ino Paper Museum near Hakawa Park so please stop by if you have time.
   It was super fun to enjoy great food with great people while surrounded by beautiful nature at the barbecue! Kochi’s summer is long. Instead of turning on the air conditioner, why not try cooling down with the cold river water and the wind blowing from the mountains and rivers this year? Have a great summer!
〇Store info
   Echizen Machi Yamashige Meat
  〒780-0928 2-6-14 Echizen-cho, Kochi City, Kochi Prefecture
   TEL : 0120-81-4129 FAX : 0120-22-9732
   Site where you can order Halal meat for barbecue (others available as well)

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