Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Kochi Lifestyle Q&A : Winter in Kochi is colder than you’d expect. Other than turning on the heater, what are some ways to keep warm?

   Kochi is called “Tropical Tosa” but can be surprisingly cold in the winter. The temperature can fall below 0℃ in January and February.
   Here are some tips from the KIA staff members in order to stay warm this winter.
○ Yutampo (hot water bottle)
   Add hot water to a container meant to be used as a hot water bottle, and put it under the blankets to warm them up before sleeping, or place it on your back or on your knees to keep warm. Metal hot water bottles were common in the past, but now there are bottles made from soft resin, which can be purchased for around ¥1000.
They stay warm for longer than you might expect, so please avoid moderate-temperature burns by putting on a cover.

○ Nabe (hot pot)
   Stay warm with food! We will introduce two types of hot pot which will keep your body toasty. There is no set rule for the contents of the hot pot, but here is an example.
・Kimchi Nabe
1. Boil water in a pot, and add Kimchi Nabe soup base. (No need to add water to the un-concentrated type which you can use as it is.)
2. Add vegetables of your choice (Napa cabbage, long green onion, shimeji mushroom, leeks), kimchi, tofu, pork belly meat (or seafood such as shrimp or scallops).
3. At the end, we recommend making a kind of risotto by adding white rice, or cook together with ramen or udon.
・Mizutaki (chicken hot pot)
1. Boil water and konbu (seaweed) in a pot. Take out the konbu after boiling for about 20 minutes.
2. Add vegetables of your choice (Napa cabbage, mizuna, carrots, long green onion, shimeji mushrooms, ginger), tofu, and chicken.
3. After the ingredients are cooked, eat with ponzu or sesame sauce.
4. At the end, we recommend making a kind of risotto by adding beaten egg, chopped green onions, and white rice.
○Shouga-yu (ginger tea)
   Kochi is famous throughout Japan for producing the most ginger in the country. In a mug, add honey and peeled and grated ginger. Add lemon if you’d like. You will feel warm from the inside out. It also works wonders on sore throats.
   Please keep warm and stay healthy this winter!

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