Friday, September 29, 2017

Kochi Lifestyle Q&A : Bug Prevention

   Lots of bugs seem to appear in houses here in Kochi…please tell me how to prevent them from getting in!!
Q: Mosquitoes
A: Mosquitoes can become the carriers of infections so it is important to take precautions against them. Mosquito coils (katori-senko) have been used in Japan for many years and their nostalgic scent is associated with summer. There are other products, such as ones that omit electromagnetic waves which mosquitoes dislike, and make it difficult for them to go near them, and insect prevention sheets, which you hang out on the balcony, are also effective. All of these are possible to obtain at a home center or supermarket.

   Furthermore, if water gathers close to your balcony or porch (genkan) frequently clean it up to make it harder for mosquitoes to breed there.

Q: Cockroaches
A: A pest that can be a nuisance in the summer is the cockroach. It’s good to take precautions because they carry germs which can cause food poisoning. So that you don’t attract cockroaches, don’t let dirty items pile up in your rooms (keep food waste sealed and in a trash can or out on the balcony, and put it out on the collection day) keep areas with water outlets clean, and clean dark areas (behind the fridge, under the kitchen stove etc.) and make sure that scraps of food do not collect.

   In addition, one way to stop cockroaches from breeding is to place cockroach poison (gokiburi doku-esa) around the kitchen. These can also be purchased at home stores.
   To try and avoid using pesticides as much as possible, it is important to use bug prevention on a regular basis.

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